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connecting Brazil on a global scale

noble consulting

Noble Consulting supports companies entering the Brazilian market by providing consulting services in Law, Technical Interim Management, Marketing, Administration and Temporary Staffing solutions, thus providing innumerable opportunities for businesses entering this market. Noble Consulting works in a joint venture with Mainconsult, a Dutch consultancy company. We have offices both in Brazil and in the Netherlands. 

Our focus is on companies with their own products, including those of a high technical complexity, as our experience includes this area of work. With this knowledge Noble Consulting can provide a more efficient and sustainable connection into Brazil. 

Furthermore, if a customer aspires to expand its businesses into a larger area, Noble Consulting will provide full support in those projects.



Providing in-depth Marketing Clarification

Interim Management

Interim Management Solutions & Services  


Localisation Law Consultancy Services 


Interim Technical Management on small and large scale projects

Accounting & Finance

Knowledge in specific  growth areas  


Sourcing, Managing, and providing custom staffing resolutions